Social Science to Serve Society

Join us on Friday, June 7th at Friends House for our first annual London-based ESRC Doctoral Training Partnerships Research Day. This one-day conference brings together students from the LSE, LISS and UBEL DTPs, and the LSS, KISS, LSE, and Bloomsbury DTCs to present their research, and engage in discussions and workshops around the theme of the role of Social Science, and Social Science researchers in serving society.

Organising Committee:
  • Peter Burgess (LISS)
  • Kaat De Corte (UBEL)
  • Shakeel Gavioli-Akilagun (LSE)
  • John Lindberg (LISS)
  • Eleonora Mazzoli (LSE)
  • Daisy McInnerney (UBEL)
  • Jessica Rees (UBEL)
  • Marianna Rogdaki (LSE)
  • John Taggart (LSE)
  • Francesca Uberti (LSE)
  • Catrin Williams (LISS)